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 March 13, 2018

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COLUMBIA, PA: Pack a lunch and join the National Watch and Clock Museum for its Lunch “Time” presentation on Wednesday, April 11. 
Museum Director Noel Poirier will discuss the ancient Antikythera Mechanism and the theories for its use and what it tells us about ancient timekeeping capabilities. Those attending will be able to examine the Museum’s model based on drawings made by Dr. Derek de Solla Price during his study of bronze fragments in the early 1970s.
The Museum invites the public to join in a casual conversation and understanding of timekeeping, including developments beginning during ancient timekeeping. “We wanted to provide a more intimate opportunity for people to discover objects from the Museum collection or learn about important and interesting aspects of the history of time and timekeeping. We thought a brown bag lunch would be the perfect fit,” explains Poirier.

Lunch “Time” is a complimentary educational program held from noon to 1 p.m. and will continue every other month. The next program is scheduled for June 13.

 January 18, 2018

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COLUMBIA, PA:   The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors’ (NAWCC) is excited to announce a new donation to its National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. The donation is actually a vast collection of clocks from NAWCC Florida member, Stuart Gottdenker. This collection will be on exhibit in 2018 and will be featured at the Museum in July at the 75th anniversary celebration of the NAWCC.

Executive Director Tom Wilcox explains, “This collection donated from a long, loyal, and faithful member is a true example to the membership.  Come take a look at the beloved items that Stu has passed over to our care and display for future generations of watch and clock lovers in our Museum.”

“My introduction to horology began while I was on my first job interview.  As I sat in the office of the Director of Copywriter Personnel at SSC&B (a major international advertising agency located in Manhattan), I noticed five old clocks above my interviewer’s desk.  Tick tock, tick tock. I was hooked into reading every clock book in the library.  I was hooked into going to the Metropolitan Museum 3–4 days a week on my lunch hour.  I was hooked into visiting every antique shop I could find.  I was hooked into meeting other collectors and spending my few surplus dollars on clocks,” shares Stu.

“So here I am, 50 years and 250 clocks later.  Hoping these rare clocks will bring a sense of history, joy, awe, and appreciation to those who experience their beauty. In the collection you will find the Willards, the Terrys, the J. C. Browns, the Howards, and many others who helped to create, develop, and enhance an industry once as uniquely American as apple pie,” Stu continues to share.

“Thanks to the wonderful donation from Stu Gottdenker, the Museum now has pieces that are not only in amazing condition but are also rare. We are happy, proud, and thankful that he was so generous to donate his lifelong collection to us,” states Curator of Collections Kim Jovinelli.

January 8, 2018

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COLUMBIA, PA: The National Watch and Clock Museum welcomes a special exhibit—one that has no faces or dials and by itself does not tell time but is integral to the history of timekeeping.

From February 6 to March 2 the Museum will open its doors to members of the Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders, who build, display, and operate layouts throughout Central Pennsylvania. This exhibit has been on display in the Museum for the last several years. This year another four feet have been added to the 40-foot display of previous years.Museum Director Noel Poirier explains, "Timekeeping has been integral to railroads and modern travel in general, since the beginning of rail travel that allowed movement from place to place at a pace never seen before. Railroads and their time schedules forced the establishment of standard time zones and the development of highly accurate timepieces. The Lower Susquehanna Valley Model Railroader display will allow the Museum to honor the significance of railroads in the history of horology and provide a great visual and auditory experience for our visitors."

The Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders (LSVMR) is a group of O-gauge enthusiasts from the Lower Susquehanna Valley Region of Pennsylvania. Some customers and employees of CoolTrains Hobbies in Salunga, PA, came together in July 2009 to form the LSMR and since then have expanded it.

“One of the nice things about our club is that we are just a group of people who share a mutual love of trains. Unlike other clubs, we do not model any specific location or era. Everything we do is for the fun of the hobby, which is why you will see all kinds of different things on our layout. From carnivals to Lego towns to the drive-in movie theater, no two setups are the same, often captivating the imagination of many children. All our trains are member owned, so there's always something new rolling by,” shares LSVMR president Travis Moody. 

LSVMR members look forward to showing off their model train layouts to visitors to the National Watch and Clock Museum from February 6 to March 2. There is no Museum charge to view the railroad display.

January 5, 2018

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COLUMBIA, PA: On November 29, 2017, the National Watch and Clock Museum celebrated 40 years since its opening to the public in 1977. The Museum is the Western Hemisphere’s top public timepiece museum with a collection of more than 13,000 clocks, watches, and timepiece–related items. It has held countless exhibit openings, parties, and educational programs and has delighted visitors from all corners of the world.

Upon the occasion of the Museum’s anniversary, RGM Watch Co. of Mt. Joy generously offered to make a one-of-a-kind watch to mark the milestone. The watch has the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors logo on the dial and the Museum’s 40th Anniversary logo etched on the exhibition case on the back of the watch.
The watch was presented during the Museum’s anniversary celebration and has been proudly displayed in its lobby since the event. On January 15 it will go up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to aid the Museum’s mission to preserve the art, science, history, and technology of time and timekeeping.

Roland Murphy, CEO of RGM Watch Co. (which recently held its 25th anniversary celebration at the Museum), explains what making this watch means to him. “I have been a member of the NAWCC for a long time. This watch is a way I can say thanks to the organization that preserves so many wonderful things from horological history.”
Murphy adds, “My father died last year and he was also a longtime member. He also enjoyed the Museum and NAWCC events. So, from both of us, I am happy to support all things timekeeping.”

“The willingness of RGM Watch Co. to produce a one-of-a-kind watch commemorating the Museum’s 40th Anniversary is incredibly generous. The Museum and RGM have partnered on several occasions in the past and we are very excited to have our 40th Anniversary logo etched on a watch produced by our very good friends and supporters at RGM,” explains Museum Director Noel Poirier. “The funds that will be raised from the auction of this timepiece will help the Museum continue to fulfil its mission. Ultimately, we hope that the purchaser of the watch appreciates it as much as we do.”

The watch will excite any wristwatch enthusiast, but especially devotees of the NAWCC, the Museum, and the RGM Watch Co. Beginning January 15, bids can be placed at the Museum’s eBay store:

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