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NAWCC Lending Library Guidelines  

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have any questions.

    • NAWCC members may borrow up to three books, videos, Bulletin issues, or microfilm reels at a time, in any combination, by mail.
    • Please  use the library’s catalog to make sure that the items that you want are available for lending. Is the catalog record shows items with "Lending" as the location, there are copies available to lend. If you have any questions about whether a book or video is available to lend, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Books with Spec at the beginning of their call number are Special Collections and may not be borrowed)
    • A complete list of the video programs is available on the library’s website
    • Lending library forms are available on the library’s website and in every issue of the Mart. 
    • Please include a check, cash, or money order for the amount of postage due. Lending/Shipping fees are a flat rate of $7.  Credit card payments may be made through PayPal by contacting the library.
    • Online Requests may be made through the catalog by following the “Request Hold” link to the right of the title on the results screen.  Please include a valid email address that you check regularly so that we can contact you to confirm the request.  Fees can by paid by credit card through PayPal or by requesting an invoice to pay cash or check when returning the items.
    • Insurance is required when shipping any books valued at over $100.  Insurance requirements are noted in a book’s catalog record. 
    • Items are on loan for 6 weeks.  If you need an item for more than 6 weeks, contact the library to renew. 
    • If an item that you request is on loan to another member you will be notified and it will be put on reserve for you and sent as soon as it is returned to the library. 
    • If you do not receive your requested items or a notice that they are on reserve within three weeks after you send your request, please contact the library.

Overdue Books

    • The library does not charge overdue fines, but lending and research privileges are suspended for members who have overdue books.
    • A reminder will be sent by email and/or US mail to members who have books out that are more than a month overdue.
    • If no response is received after three overdue notices are sent by the library, the member will be charged for the cost of replacing the items on loan to him or her.

International Members

  • International members may use the Lending Library by agreeing to pay airmail postage in both directions for items borrowed.  Books that must be insured cannot be loaned unless the international member agrees to assume full responsibility for them during the sending and returning of the items. Please note that VHS tapes and DVDs may not be compatible with non-U.S. video players. Please note that we cannot accept non-US checks. Lending fees must be paid in cash or by credit card.

Canadian Members 

  • Sending books to Canada costs approximately twice as much as within the United States, as they are shipped airmail; therefore, shipping charges for Canadian members are double the amount that United States members must pay. Books that must be insured cannot be loaned unless the Canadian member agrees to assume full responsibility for them during the sending and returning of the items. Please note that we cannot accept non-US checks. Lending fees must be paid in cash or by credit card.

Video Programs

Video Wall

     The NAWCC Library and Research Center has over 400 DVD and VHS Video Programs created by members and other professionals available for use by members and chapters.

     All of the videos in the program collection are available for lending. For a complete list of the videos see the Library Video Program listing. Most of the videos are available on both DVD and VHS. If you have viewing requirements, please note whether the program is available in your required format. A portion of the videos are available for members to view online. Please note that you must be logged into an NAWCC Member Account to see the videos. If you are an NAWCC member and do not have a login, contact our membership department. 

Library Video Program listing for check-out
Lending Library Form
Online Video Programs for immediate viewing

Postal Options

     Because of some recent issues with delivery, the staff in the NAWCC Library and Research Center (LARC) is considering changing the way it handles Library loans. Currently, LARC uses the library mail rate by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which saves members and LARC a great deal of money on postage, but it can be slow and unreliable. Many members receive their books quickly with no problems, but others have either waited weeks for delivery or not received them at all. The LARC then needs to spend money to replace lost books instead of purchasing new titles. 

     Currently, the tiered pricing for Library loans is as follows:

     $4 for 1, $5 for 2, and $6 for 3, with an extra charge for insured books ($4 for $100, $5 for $200, etc.).

     The LARC keeps prices low because it uses USPS’s library mail and does not use any of the extra features available through the USPS. 

     The LARC is considering two options and wants to hear from members before a decision is made: 

     Switch to using UPS for all members who provide a physical address. (UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes, APOs, or FPOs, so these packages would still be sent via USPS.) UPS benefits include much, much faster delivery, and easy tracking of packages during their travels. Because the NAWCC has an account with UPS, shipping would be discounted, so the price increase would be minimal. The drawback of using UPS is that it would be necessary to switch to a flat rate for all loans, instead of the tiered pricing the LARC currently uses. In other words, all Library loans, whether for 1, 2, or 3 items, would cost $7. A small fee would be charged for packages insured for $200 or more; UPS provides up to $100 insurance on all packages with no extra fee.

     Continue to use USPS library mail, but add delivery confirmation for all packages. The LARC could confirm when packages arrive and give the post office something to look for when it attempts to find packages that are slow to arrive. Because of the extra work involved in using delivery confirmation, the LARC would need to raise the price of loans by $1, making the tiers $5 for 1, $6 for 2, and $7 for 3, with an additional fee for packages insured for $100 or more.

No matter what structure the LARC chooses, members may continue to return Library materials through their most convenient packaging service (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.). 

Please contact Sara Dockery (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in the LARC to let us know which proposal you prefer and any other feedback. 

Thank you!

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